IGN interview with Steven Moffat

Transcript of the IGN video-interview Sherlock – Steven Moffat Talks Season 3 (29th May 2012)


Were you amazed at the amount of interaction that was on Twitter and social networks about that finale?

Do you know, I… as the weeks went by as the second series went on, as it started transmitting we realized it was bigger than the first series which seemed improbable because the first series was huge, and we realized how big the second series was, I started to realize kept saying to Mark, can we arrange a screening for the third one? I wanna hear the fans in the last twenty minutes, I wanna hear their hearts go. So yes we did, we thought it was gonna be huge, but we didn’t – before Scandal went out I don’t think we’d be able to be such a fuss but as the series built and as the enthusiasm mounted and as the hysteria mounted we sort of thought ‚Oh god this is gonna kill them actually. We watched them a few days beforehand as did Mark as did Steve and we all just thought, the last twenty minutes this is gonna physically kill people. It’s harmful, tell them.

Was much of the speculation right you read or did people miss things?

Lots of people miss things. I’m not telling you, really, sorry, it’s not happening.

How long will it be to season three? Have you got any kind of plan for when that will happen?

We try to schedule everything around everything, obviously Sherlock Holmes is off battling Captain Kirk and Doctor Watson

is helping Gandalf and I’m in the Tardis, so it’s all quite tough. But it won’t be too long. Our ammo in Sherlock is to make people wait to making them suffer in a way and then giving them a real burst of cruelty really. It’s a long while to make the show as good as we make it but we couldn’t keep that quality up and that intensity up over thirteen episodes or twenty-six episodes. We have to do a burst of high impact television but you know part of the theatre of it is making people wait. You had to wait a year and a half last time, I’ll guarantee you won’t do the thing this time.

And what part, what kind of a process have you decided what stories to tell us. Do you have an idea what ones will be in season three or is that something that will come as time goes on?

We’ve got a pretty good idea what we’re doing, we’ve discussed it, the three of us have sat and discussed it, lots of grey areas lots of big vaguenesses and absolute flexibility to make major changes of mind but I do think we’ve got a really good framework for it, we’ve got a good beginning, got a stormer of an end and we’ve got a stunning development in the middle which is what we’re looking for. We want three must see films. We don’t want an episode one, an episode two, episode three, you know, we want three must see movies and you know, like this year it will all build up shockingly to the last twenty minutes again.

Fantastic. There’s been a recent announcement that there’s gonna be an American Sherlock Holmes coming soon. How do you guys feel about that?

We’re a little surprised. CBS approached us about doing an adaptation of our version and we said ’no we weren’t ready to do that yet, but you know we’ll keep in touch and he said we’re great people to come to, full of integrity and a few weeks later we discovered they’d just gone ahead and were doing it anyway. So that was another example of what happens in LA television, I suppose, although I wasn’t very impressed by it. I haven’t had good experiences in general with that lot. What can I say, it’s tough. If it’s bad it affects, it debases the coinage of our show if it’s too like our show, we’ll have to take action and you know already Sue had to correct somebody in print saying that she was off to produce the American version of Sherlock and that’s not ours. If that show isn’t good it damages us. So it’s… what do you imagine I think about it? It’s pretty remarkable behavior I’d say.

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  1. „We try to schedule everything around everything, obviously Sherlock Holmes is off battling Captain Kirk and Doctor Watson is helping Gandalf and I’m in the Tardis, so it’s all quite tough.“

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