Michael Price – A Stillness

Translation of the German review Michael Price – A Stillness (Erased Tapes), 11 January 2013.

© Erased Tapes

Photograph by Klaus Frahm – from „The 4th Wall“
© 2012 Erased Tapes Records Ltd.

The 4-track-EP „A Stillness“ by composer Michael Price, who became well known for his work in the film industry including „The Lord Of The Rings“, „James Bond“ and more recent the BBC series „Sherlock“, only runs for 12 minutes.
The artist who originally composed for contemporary choreo-
graphies followed American grandmaster Michael Kamen’s call into the world of scores in 1996, and has now composed musical pieces for a string quartet – easily and freed from the burden of having to musically cloak moving pictures.
Unfortunately „A Stillness“ is a far too short trip to a sentimental, longing world; the cleverly laid melodic arches are enchanting in their simplicity. Erased Tapes is able to expand its modern classical programme with this little jewel adroitly and it would be more than desirable if Price delighted our ears soon with another, longer composition.