An experience #2

As it was cold we decided to wait in the trailer. The production manager came in and welcomed us. She told us someone would later come and check our clothes and inform us about our parts. After she left I went outside for another stroll. I chatted with a very nice (and handsome) member of the crew about the theatre plays I was planning to see on the next two evenings and he asked me about Munich. He also asked if I was just there for Mr. Cumberbatch. I told him that even though his work interested me, he wasn’t the main reason for me to have bought that perk. I told him I was looking forward to seeing the progress on the film set. I’d mentioned something similar to the person who met us at outside the junk food restaurant earlier on.
Some more time passed by and I was standing outside again when suddenly our contact person came and asked a few of us to hop on the minibus. Off we went to see the set which wasn’t too far away in a small street which bent around a building. In the bend people were standing and when we joined them we could see the camera was set behind the corner to take a scene in which Benedict Cumberbatch starred. Someone from the crew kindly asked if we’d like some tea or coffee and sipping my tea I watched the scene being filmed. Afterwards people started to move things. To my right production sound mixer Nigel Albermaniche was getting up from his seat in front of his sound recording equipment so I went over and said hello. He beamed at me and after greeting another extra two guys helped him move his equipment. Our small group followed them along the street which went around another corner at the rear end. The director Patrick Viktor Monroe came to greet us and thanked us personally with a handshake for helping fund the film. He was joined by Ben Dillon who also thanked us and excused his co-producer Adam Ackland who could not be on set. Then he asked us where we came from and each one of us told them.
When we shortly thereafter walked back towards the minibus I asked Patrick if they already knew who’d write the score for the film. He told me they might win two special musicians for this but as nothing was certain, yet, he asked me to keep the names to myself.
[ Sorry folks! They are awesome, though. 😉 ]

When we had returned to the car park our former trailer was being fetched and we passed onto another which consisted of two small dressing rooms furnished with two sofas, make-up tables & mirrors.The second half of our group of sixteen now went off to visit the set.

Outside our new trailer I saw two men I’d noticed before. They were setting up a camera. When they were finished they asked if we would give them little interviews for the »Behind the Scenes« film which they were shooting. In threes we stood in front of the camera to answer three questions which involved where we came from, why we had chosen to become Majors and if we liked Benedict Cumberbatch.
When our group had been interviewed the minibus returned and the second eight were interviewed. Our contact person asked if we’d like some tea and/or coffee and even though we offered to help him carry the beverages he insisted on our staying comfortable in the trailer. A little later after the others had returned from the set he started taking notes of our destinations as they wanted to get us taxis after filming had finished.
The second group told us they’d seen five takes on the set which included some »Cumberrunning« and after another while of chatting one of the two production managers who as we’d been told earlier on were the heart & soul of the production’s organisation, came and told us our scene was due soon.
I was standing outside the trailer with most of the others when she told us and suddenly a man appeared behind her whom I’d noticed on set before. He was wearing a long coat and on his way to have his make-up removed. He introduced himself as Nick Moran and thanked us for our funding. He left a rather pleasant and friendly impression with me before disappearing into the make-up trailer.
Our group got onto the minibus and was driven to the set once more. On set they had moved the equipment into the far road’s bend and while we stood waiting for further instructions we were joined by a woman and a man who were wearing safety jackets with reflective stripes. We stood at a small distance to the actual set and the crew were still moving pieces of equipment down the road towards the bend. I watched a bit and then turned to the woman to ask if she knew what we were supposed to be doing and if we were allowed to talk or should rather mime quietly. It was the man who answered my questions rather harshly by saying something like I’d find out in a moment. I was rather surprised by his unfriendliness but didn’t say anything further. Soon thereafter someone motioned us to walk past the bend and a little further down the road and gave us instructions on where to stand. I was at the back of the group and didn’t understand him too well as he was speaking rather quietly.
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