Sommerrätsel #1


Die orange umrandeten Buchstaben ergeben in der richtigen Reihenfolge ein Wort der Gesamtlösung. Weitere Einzelheiten zum großen Sommerrätsel… SoR

In the right order the orange-rimmed letters will give you one word of the final solution.
Further informations about the summer giveaway… SoR

2. profession and street
5. Molly and Sherlock work there from time to time
8. the new sexy
10. didn’t help Sherlock get a cab
14. consulting not insulting, though sometimes…
16. two on offer, but one is fatal
17. falls if Mrs. Hudson leaves Baker Street
19. Bluebell
21. first name of Molly’s actress
22. room with green walls in 221B

1. needs a bow
3. state of that hearse
4. Mrs. and river
6. German word for vengeance
7. Sherlock’s favorite scene
9. last name of Stamford’s actor
11. suggested John should write a blog
12. But it’s the ….. system!
13. Woman and eagle
15. Moriarty’s weakness
18. actor and scriptwriter, last name
20. a coat’s brand