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West End Live with Jamie Lloyd

by Tania Peyton Twele, 22 June 2014

British theatre director Jamie Lloyd who’s returning to the Trafalgar Studios for his 2nd season with Trafalgar Transformed, participated in this year’s »West End Live« and spoke about his latest production »Richard III«. This Shakespeare play stars famous Martin Freeman, who is best known for playing John Watson in »Sherlock« or Bilbo Baggins in »The Hobbit« movies.

Choosing Martin Freeman for this role might seem like an odd choice but Jamie explained that Martin’s television work had influenced his decision to bring »Richard III« back on stage.

Admiring his previous work for television, especially in »Sherlock« or recently »Fargo«, Jamie described Martin’s characters to often be the nice guy at first sight but with an intense amount of underlying emotions, which rarely crack to the surface. While he was in talks with Martin for a while as Martin seemed to be very interested in doing theatre again, he decided to choose »Richard III« – to be able to show a completely different side of Martin. Jamie laughed when he recalled the first rehearsals, watching Martin act some very, very, very scary moments on stage. He didn’t give away too much of the performance itself but mentioned a hump fitting that went really well and Martin having a limp left arm for the play, something he seems to have forgotten a couple of times during rehearsals.

It looks as if the audience can expect a fair amount of dead people, more than in other »Richard III« performances, as Jamie waffled about using the best theatre blood and people’s growing fascination with some cruelty on stage, before he ended with »You have to think about that it really takes a long time to kill someone!« It is safe to say that by no means it will be as brutal and bloody as »Titus Andronicus«.

When asked about the availability of tickets, as one might assume Martin Freeman would be quite expensive to see live, Jamie surprised the audience.
Although tickets went on sale some weeks back, not all available tickets have been released yet. Part of this is due to the fact that during rehearsals, which are still ongoing, the stage settings changed a bit which allowed for extra seats to be fit in. More importantly however, Jamie’s continuing the tradition to make Mondays tickets available for just £15.

Jamie explained that – even without the Monday tickets – getting money out of Trafalgar Studio plays is difficult because of the limited seating abilities. Knowing this he still insisted on keeping up with the Monday tickets, as he wanted to make theatre available for first time goers and people with less money to spend.

Having said this, if you haven’t already booked tickets for this play go and grab them straightaway!


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