Sherlock umbrellas and silk scarf

Umbrellas & scarf are available on the manufacturer’s website now.

The umbrellas cost £26.99 (~ €38) each, the silk scarf costs £29.99 (~ €42).

Over the next two weeks three new official Sherlock items manufactured by Lovarzi will be released. Three umbrellas and a silk scarf will be added to the already available wool scarves.
The first item is a stick umbrella with a strong durable fibre-glass frame and a ø 58,4 cm canopy, which unfolds at the touch of a button. The handle is rubber-coated and sturdy but with a soft feel. The umbrella features motifs of Sherlock & John’s first case »A Study in Pink«: the London Skyline including Big Ben, Gherkin & Tower Bridge, Sherlock & John in front of 221B Baker Street and Sherlock on a chase. On two sides the black finish reads SHERLOCK, on the other two THE GAME IS ON.
The next item are two folding umbrellas which open and close at the touch of a button. Their canopies measure ø 53,3 cm and they come with a tough fibre-glass frame and aluminium shaft, as well as a rubber-coated handle. The umbrellas are adorned with various Sherlock motifs, for example violin, fingerprint and a skull based on the print by John Pinkerton. The folding umbrella will be available in black and lightgrey, each with a matching carry-case featuring the lock-screen text from Irene Adler’s mobile phone, I AM SHERLOCKED.

As the third official merchandising item Lovarzi announces another scarf which unlike its woollen predecessors will be made of 100% pure silk and is dedicated to Moriarty. Measuring 40 x 190 cm, this scarf is digitally-printed, showing a stylish pattern reminiscent of the wallpaper from 221B Baker Street, but finished off with the repeated skull meme. The Sherlock logo and a golden graffiti smiley are added as special adornments. At the moment there aren’t any pictures, yet, but once they become available they’ll be posted here.

I had asked Lovarzi for informations regarding the items‘ prizes and was told these will be published once the items become available for pre-order. You’ll be able to order the umbrellas and scarf from Lovarzi directly as well as via Amazon and probably also via the BBC Shop. I will post all additional informations here once I receive them. The Sherlock scarves which have been released so far all cost £36.99 (~ €50).