SoR 8 – An Emergency

Irene Adler was in a tight spot. Luckily she always had her mobile ready to hand. Spontaneously she sent a text to Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Lestrade and Moriarty.
All five read her text at the same time and dashed off.

  • Sherlock arrived at Irene’s before Mycroft.
  • Moriarty might have been there before either Sherlock, John or Mycroft.
  • Lestrade reached Irene before Moriarty did.
  • Sherlock was with her before Lestrade or Mycroft arrived before Lestrade.
  • John reached Irene faster than Sherlock.
  • All five arrived separately. Who reached Irene first?

    Now you have all letters you need for the final solution. In the correct order these will give you a name Sherlock Holmes might have been known under.
    One last clue: the initials always remained the same.

    Send your solution to sor2016 @ until the 7th September 2016.
    On the 8th September the drawing and notification of all winners will take place. As always, the first drawn chooses a prize first, the second drawn from the remaining prizes and so on.

    Further informations about the summer giveaway… SoR