Sherlock Calendar 2017

Sherlock Square Calendar 2017 (1)This year the official Sherlock Calendar 2017 contains a selection of promo pictures from the Victorian special The Abominable Bride. Each picture comeswith a quote from the film.
The calendar measures 12 x 12 inches per picture and monthly overview. Hund up it requires a space of 12 x 24 inches. Each date features a 1.4 x 1.7 inches sized field and there’s a larger field for further notes at the bottom of each month. The dates are set against the backdrop of the legendary wall paper of 221B Baker Street’s living-room, each in a different colour.
The calendar is printed on high quality, ca. 90 g thick, glossy paper. Its middle offers a poster showing Holmes’s profile smoking pipe and Dr. Watson in a chair in front of a blazing fire.
The calendar can be either ordered directly via DANILO for £8.99 or due to the ISBN 978-1-78549-112-2 in every book shop.
It’s definitely a wonderful Christmas present for every Sherlock fan!

Danilo kindly provided two calendars as prizes for this year’s Christmas riddle. The giveaway will once again consist of three riddles with the first being posted on December, 5th.

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