Welcome to the fourth Summer Riddle!

Four weeks, eight riddles and one solution await you!
It won’t be easy but those who possess Sherlock’s deduction
skills and John’s perseverance will make it!

Riddle 1Riddle 2Riddle 3Riddle 4
Riddle 5Riddle 6Riddle 7Riddle 8

Each solved riddle will give you letters. In the right order these will form the final solution. To enter the drawing for one of the prizes you’ll send your solution to an email address which will be provided with the last riddle at the end of August. The drawing will take place at the beginning of September. As usual the person drawn first can choose first, the second chooses among the remaining prizes, etc.

1x »Sherlock: Hinter den Kulissen der Erfolgsserie«
~ Thanks a lot to Knesebeck Verlag for the book!

1x »The Abominable Bride« (region 2, English + German)
~ Thanks a lot to Polyband for the DVD!

1x »Fünf Fälle für Sherlock Holmes« (Five cases for Sherlock Holmes) ~ Thanks a lot to Tokyopop for the Manga!
1x »Sherlock: Complete Series 1+2« (UK import, region 2) DVD
1x »Third Star« (UK import, region 2) DVD
1x »Death In A White Tie« by Ngaio Marsh
– audio book read by Benedict Cumberbatch, CD-Audio

1x Sherlock tote bag (see photo)
1x Sherlock magnets (three, see photo)
1x Sherlock buttons (five, see photo)
5x Sherlock bookmarks (see photo)


No alternative prize is offered and legal proceedings are barred.