Three ghosts will visit you before December, the 20th and each of them will have a riddle for you.

This time you can again submit an email for every riddle you solve. If you find all three solutions you therefore enter the drawing for the prizes listed below three times. As usual the person drawn first can choose first, the second chooses among the remaining prizes, and so on.

holly kugel Bommel

The prizes are:
2x Sherlock Calendars 2017
2x Doctor Strange Calendars 2017
2x Sherlock Buttons Set
2x Sherlock Card Holders

Send all three solutions with the subject Christmas ghosts until 23 December 2016, 4 o’clock (16 pm CET), to: christmas @ sherlock-de.com

A huge thank you to Danilo for kindly providing the calendars!

No alternative prize is offered and legal proceedings are barred.